Who We Are.

Meet the team.

Charlie Morgan

Creative Director.

Charlie is the in-house creative director. Overseeing all outgoing work and specialising in all areas of digital marketing; search engine marketing, paid social campaigns and digital media buying. With a background in fashion and having worked with clients across a range of industries from fashion to education to music, he understands online behaviour. Charlie has developed an acute sense for what is in and what is not. That cool hunting skill and keen eye for finding and placing the images that make people tick (and click) has been helping clients increase their online presence and engage their target audience to achieve results.

Paul Cullen

Lead Geek.

Paul has over 10 years web development experience, designing and building websites and applications for a broad range of industries. He has built everything from office management systems to entire websites. Paul has a passion for learning and enjoys tackling new challenges on a daily basis. If Paul isn’t coding he can be found refining his design skills in Photoshop or geeking out about the latests movements in the tech industry.

Monserrat Garduño

Paid Search Specialist.

Monserrat is a pay-per-click specialist focused on increasing conversions and reducing acquisition costs, with several years of experience she has had the opportunity to work with clients from different industries and countries. Monserrat loves the challenges involved with paid search, developing strategies and proposing new scenarios and solutions to generate the best possible results.

Faith Ryder

Creative Content Creator.

Faith is a creative content manager who has a passion for creating engaging content and writing captivating copy. With a background in specialist industries, Faith goes that extra mile to learn the ins and outs of the client and their industry to create engaging and accessible content and copy.

About Us.

Two1Creative is a team of branding, social media and web design creatives. We assist businesses to improve their online presence by focusing on three key areas. Firstly, we help you get setup online with an intuitive web design that takes into consideration user experience. Secondly, we strategise your social media by managing content and monitoring exposure. Finally, we explore your core brand values and communicate them digitally in a tailored way to connect with your target audience online.

Our Mission.

Two1Creative better places businesses in the online world. We bring our digital expertise and work as an extension of your business, making a conscious effort to stay ahead of the ever changing online behavioural trends. All solutions are creative and tailor made to optimise your online business potential. We take pride in having a strong work ethic, always presenting ourselves with honesty and transparency. We believe that the best results are achieved when we work collaboratively; within the Two1Creative team and with our clients.

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