Brixton Topcats | Foot Locker

Brixton Topcats club was officially formed in 1985, although its roots are far older than this. The club is arguably the most famous basketball club in England, with a trophy cabinet and alumni to rival any club in the country. The club was founded and led by the late Jimmy Rogers who is recognised as a community leader and respected globally in basketball circles including the NBA and Basketball England.

Continuing our working relationship with Foot Locker we were tasked to lead their community lead project to design and develop a new website that represented the Brixton Topcats correctly, offering a young and playful design whilst considering user experience for ease of use for all generations. We also re-worked and modernised the Brixton Topcats logos.

After the site was live and restrictions were lifted, we produced and directed the lifestyle shoot to showcase the new merchandise worn by Brixton Topcats club members in a lifestyle setting. We also shot the product shots for the merchandise to sit in the shop of their new site.

  • Web Design.
  • Content Production.
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