Socially Detached: A Series Documenting Males During Lockdown

With a vast number of global issues and struggles currently at the forefront of our daily lives and the impact this has had on our collective emotional well-being, we have curated this Socially Detached series, with the sole purpose of providing an open platform for men to share their lockdown experiences – both negative and positive.

This has been a significantly frustrating time for each of us in many different ways, but the purpose here is to highlight that it’s ok to not always be ok. More importantly, it’s also ok to not look and feel the way everyone may expect.

Through the faces and voices featured in the Socially Detached series, we can unite in a real, raw and progressive way to support and raise awareness of the many mental challenges males face – but do not always speak about as we move towards shaping a ‘new normality’.

The Socially Detached series offers an open invite to any male volunteers who wish to share their lockdown experiences and document this moment in time, which has impacted on all of us.

#OkToNotBeOk #SociallyDetached

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